Kip Pyle

Kip Pyle

Kip Pyle, master technician and troubleshooter for over 30 years. Kip has a wide range of skills from troubleshooting small computer issues to complex computer systems, networking and systems integration.

Kip joined the United States Navy in 1984 and served till 1992 in the Computer Electronics and Data Systems field. He advanced to E-6 in 7 years of military service. Kip was instrumental in commissioning the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) and implemented the Depot Level Repair shop for the Battle Group of the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). Kip is also a Veteran of Foreign Wars.

After leaving the military, Kip relocated to Key West, FL were he resided for 4 years and was the proprietor of a successful Firewall resale and installation company.

Kip relocated to Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 1997 and worked as a Computer and office equipment repair technician for Pilot Office Supply. In 1998, Kip had the opportunity to work for the City of Steamboat Springs as an Information Systems Specialist.

In 2014 Kip met his wife Lisa. They have since relocated to Wilmington, NC where they now reside. Kip wanted to bring into practice his knowledge and skills of computer repair to service the Wilmington area.

Tech Pyle is located at 4566 Middlesex Rd., Wilmington, NC 28405

Phone: 910-747-1053 or Email:

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